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Complete Motors

We offer Complete motor intake to pan 

The Hemi Hunter​

The Hemi Hunter 

This Blower motor is great for fast bracket racing

want to run 6.00s in the 1/4 mile or 3.80s 1/8mile just put a  14-71 Roots style blower on it or want to run low 7.00s in the 1/4 mile or 4.40s 1/8mile put a 8-71 or 10-71 on it and drive it to the lanes and back  

This combination  has been 5.97 @ 234 mph in our Top Dragster

Dart Big M Iron Block or World Block with Billet Main Caps

Callies Magnum Crank

Oliver Steel Rods

Brodix BB3 380 full CNC Heads

Jesel Pro  Rockers

Jesel Belt Drive 

Comp Cams 55mm Cam

JE Pistons

Total Seal Rings

Crower lifters or Steward Performance Lifter

Steward Performance Push Rods

Moroso oil pan 

Moroso oil pump

BDS intake 

ARP Head studs

MSD Distributor

MSD Crank Trigger

INTAKE to Pan $28,000 

Does not come with a Blower or Fuel System

CALL for more info 

Addtional add ons

LittleField LB22 14-71 blower $8,500

Ron's T2 Fuel System upper and lower nozzles assortment or main jets and nozzle jets $5,000 Get tuning advice and a tune up all included when you add the fuel system.

TD/ TS powerglide to your order $3,800 Savings of $190.

This is a winning combination and is proven to work. This motor is built buy our motor builder we do not build the motor ourselves. It will be broke in on the dyno and will be ready for you to put in your race car