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Front Wheels

Glen Sander Engineering Inc.

is the only racing wheel company to CNC cold spin all of their aluminum wheel halves. They are cold formed over a 2 stage mandrel and heat treated twice to get a perfect part. The bead lock rings are all made from billet material, not formed and welded like other rings. We only use the highest quality forged aluminium for our centers. All wheel halves come fully polished.

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740 Series Front Wheels

7401535A - 15" Spindle mount wheel to fit Anglia spindle 3.5"wide

SFI 15.2

7401535S - 15" Spindle mount wheel to fit Strange spindle 3.5" wide

SFI 15.2

7401722A - 17" Spindle mount wheel to fit Anglia spindle 2.2" wide

SFI 15.2

Also comes in Black

10 Spoke Dragster Wheels

7401722A-10 - 10 Spoke Dragster Wheel

SFI 15.2

7401722A-10-BLK - 10 Spoke Dragster Wheel with Black anodizing.

750 Series 15" Diameter Front Wheels

Front Wheels 3pcs 4" Wide

Part Number Example: "75015041745"

750 Series Wheel

15 for 15" Diameter

04 for 4" Wide

17 for 1.7" Back Spacing

45 for 5 on 4.5" Bolt Circle (47 for 4.75")